Thinking about education…my thoughts!

Where to begin?!  Education has changed rapidly in the years since we were students.  Technology is dramatically changing the way classes are taught.  We now can use podcasts, Elmo’s, projectors, lap tops, and etc. in everything we do.  I do think that it is changing in a positive way.  It is so amazing how technology oriented children are now a days.  The more familiar and up-to-date we are with technology, the more we can teach our students, and the more we can learn from them.

NCLB is such a broad topic and I have lots of mixed views about it.  The initial idea behind it is amazing.  What a great goal for all educators today.  It is very un-reachable, for every student to reach the proficient level by 2012.  This isn’t possible, but it is a great goal.  The way testing is enforced is also not a great idea.  Teacher’s are forced to teach students in ways just so that they will score high on their state tests.   A lot of the times teachers spend all their year preparing their students for the tests and don’t get to teach anything they’d like to.   I could go on and on about NCLB.  The goal is great, but is it really attainable?

I just also wanted to add in how excited I am to become a teacher.  I have always loved children, but that is not the only reason I have wanted to become a teacher.  I want to be that person that my students can look up to and be inspired by.  I want to instill a love of learning into my students; one that they will pass on to their own children.  I want to share all my knowledge with them, yet still learn from them also.  My future is so bright, because it will be spent in the classroom, the place I know I am meant to be.


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Reflecting on my own website…

Wow, creating our own website was quite a job.  At times it seemed like so much work, but yet it really was a great learning experience and it was great to finally learn how to manage my own website.   I feel that I created an easy-to-navigate website, and I hope that I will keep adding to it and be able to use it as my portfolio for job interviews.  I have not yet taken any methods courses, so when I do I will be sure to incorporate my lesson plans into my website.  I also wish that Google Page Creator had more options for font types and colors.  I love catchy fonts and they only had the plain, boring ones.  The more you work with a website, the easier it is to navigate and the catchier and more creative it looks.  I am proud of myself for being able to complete such a task, and I really enjoyed exploring other classmate’s websites.  I have learned so much in TECS 390.  Thank you!

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My Favorite Classmates’ Websites…and why!

I had so much fun exploring other classmates’ websites. Because I was leaving the country on the 18-19th, I wasn’t able to see the final project for everyone. I still enjoyed looking at the starts of every one’s site. I really enjoyed the creative name of Katie’s website, “Katie’s Kritter Korner”. That was very creative and very catchy. I also really enjoyed Hunter’s beginning quote on his website. It’s so important to incorporate pieces of yourself into your website that way others, and your employers, can get a feel for who you are, and what you stand for. I was very fortunate to be able to view the final product of Amy’s website…and WOW! She did an amazing job. Her website was so easy to navigate, and so creative and attractive to the eye. Employers will definitely be drawn to this website. She was able to use a great deal of information in her website and I enjoyed exploring it. Great Job, Amy! I hope others can enjoy my website, as I enjoyed theirs.

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My favorite podcast presenter…and why!

I definitely have more than one favorite presenter. It’s hard to narrow it down. I really enjoyed “Dan’s Dantastic You-Do’s”! These were fun activities that parents/teachers can do with their children. There usually was a guest that would bring in real-live animals. For example, one podcast focused on bats, another on alligators, and another on owls. After the initial short teaching on the animal and learning a bit about it, a craft or activity is introduced that kids can do! I showed this to my mom, a first grade teacher, and she was so excited to use it in her classroom! She’s amazed at how much I’m learning from podcasts. She said that she would like to show a short podcast at a “station” in her classroom and then have the children complete the activity. What a great idea!

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What tools will you use in the future, and why?

Wow…the tools from TECS 390 that I will use in the future are just endless! I’m not even joking! In my classroom, I definitely know that I will use the Letterpop tool for all kinds of newsletters, and also to introduce new units in each subject. The possibilities are endless. I also can’t wait to use different Podcasts in my classroom to incorporate along with different subjects. I have listened to so many different authors that I know will be a definite helpful tool in my classroom. I would also love for my students to help me create our own podcasts of different things we have learned in the classroom and to share with other students across the world. The voice threads were a great tool-something I will definitely have to practice with a lot more before I will use it in the classroom. As I get better and I better I know that I will really enjoy using it and teaching my students to use it also.

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5 Things That Made Me Think

Introduction to Instructional Technology

TECS 390 itself was definitely a class that “made me think”! I learned an incredible amount in this class and have gained so many different resources. Here is my list of 5 things that have really made me think in TECS 390.

1. Creating Vodcasts (What a nerve-wrecking experience-but I got through it and now can make vodcasts successfully!)

2. Virtual Field Trip- definitely made me think about what would be a fun learning experience for the students, yet still be able to incorporate history and fun.

3. I loved the ToonDoo application. At first I was very nervous and thought that there was no way I could create a ToonDoo because I’m very un-artistic! But I got through it and made a ToonDoo that wasn’t too shabby!

4. Voice Thread- the voice thread in itself was seemed like a very daunting task and I almost procrastinated about doing it because I was so nervous! It took some getting used to, but in the end I created a voice thread that I was very proud of, and am confident that I can create more in the future!

5. Letterpop- this was one of those “WOW” moments. I loved creating a newsletter on Letterpop. I got into it, and really imagined that I was getting ready for a new class. I shared this with my mom, and she was intrigued about this tool also. We both are going to use this in the future in our classrooms!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog!

I’m studying to become an elementary education teacher.  I will finish in a year and a half and will be married next summer to the love of my life.  I have a wonderful family and I know I am so lucky to be surrounded with so many loved ones.  Feel free to leave posts about yourself…

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